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Win Your Horse's Heart (Be a Better Horseman (Book Synopsis)


There are only two kinds of people: Those who love horses and those who don't.
This book is definitely for those who do love horses, whether you own one or not. Sherry's passion and love for horses has driven her to write a book which will change your way of thinking and acting so you can win any horse's heart. When a horse gives you his whole heart he will jump higher, run faster, stop quicker, slide further, spin better, and be safer. There is nothing you can't do together when a horse becomes a part of you. Dreams are sure to come true to those who follow the common sense principles presented in this book, with real life stories to support the practices. 

You will learn what it means to be natural with a horse and how to develop a working partnership. You will gain more knowledge and insight about attitudes which can help eliminate frustrations with horses. You will discover practical ways to overcome fears, build confidence, communicate more effectively and become the kind of leader your horse needs you to be. The personal horse stories will touch your heart as you realize that winning a horse's heart is the ultimate prize in horsemanship practices.

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 Before you read one more "how-to" book, it's absolutely necessary that you read Win Your Horse's Heart because if your whole way of THINKING about the human/equine relationship doesn't change, all the how-to books in the world aren't going to work for you. And once your perspective changes, everything else will fall into place and you'll be amazed how "easy" your training becomes. This book and Tom Widdicombe's Be With Your Horse ought to be the bibles given with every horse purchase. Buffy: New Zealand 

I bought two of your books.

 I bought two of your books (one for me and one for my friend, Terry) and she was so excited when I gave it to her. She sat down and read it in two days! She is my friend that is a foster Mommy for two to three horses at a time from a local rescue in our area. She works with them to re-build their trust in ppl and their self-esteem and most often she has to put weight on them – she is nourishing them inside and out. She said she learned a lot reading your book! Sherry, keep up your great work and inspiring others with your messages. Diane 

It made me laugh and cry

 It was such a wonderful testament to the power of natural horsemanship. I was inspired and touch by it very much. Tammy 

  This book brought me to tears and then to joy. I have dog tagged the pages that I will reread. You have written this book well and my congratulations to you for doing such a good job. VERY difficult to put this one down! Michele 

One of most important books I've read

   I have the last 15 pages to go before finishing your book, but I already know that it's one of the most important ones I've read. AND I'VE READ 'EM ALL!!!!! I wanted to congratulate you on your enormous, significant contribution to the wealth of equine training/behavioral literature out there. My own personal opinion is that the reason there "needs" to be so many different "how-to" books on empathetic horsemanship is that the most critical first phase to those books is either always missing, or certainly nowhere nearly as well written and cogently presented as you have done in your new book. That missing element is the entire change in THINKING and BEING that is absolutely necessary before all the very best intentioned techniques can have any hope of effectiveness, let alone success. I'm about to order 10 more copies as (necessary) gifts. I thank and applaud you again, Corey  

I hated to put it down

 I was snowed in at Merna Friday night and Saturday, caring for my sister's and Mom's dogs. My sister, Mom and Step-dad managed to catch their flight to Las Vegas on Friday morning for a 2 wk. getaway (my step-dad's daughter has a house there). It was good timing for them as well! Anyway, after having Sherry's book in my possession since it was first published, but only having it half read, I determined to finish it. I got that done! It's not like it was a difficult read, in fact, every time I pick it up, I hate to put it down, but life always seems to interfere with good reading time! One of the reasons I say this topic is not new is that Sherry covers it quite well in her book. Actually, there are a lot of things Sherry covers well in the book. I want to go back and take some notes and also to reread it several times. There's so much in there of the stuff she keeps saying at lessons and camps, but it takes a lot of repeating to get into my head and out into my horsemanship.
There are so many things to work on, but as I read, I realized that there are also quite a few things that Rizo and I have at least got a really good start on--trailer loading, for instance. That was something that I thought was going well, but Sherry, with her experience, could see that Rizo wasn't really comfortable with it. It deteriorated to the point that I had to walk from one end of town to the other with Rizo for a fun day because I couldn't get him in the trailer! I finally had to have Sherry come and give us a 2 hour lesson just on trailer-loading. Now, though, when I read about the trailer loading nightmares in Sherry's book and her suggestions regarding dealing with fears (especially those related to "what if's" as well as all of the other things that still need a whole lot more work, I can say, "we have trailer loading conquered!"
Anyway, if there are any of you out there who are like me and still haven't read Sherry's book, this weather is the perfect time to make use of that awesome resource! Thanks for putting it all in print, Sherry. I know you're working on a 2nd book. I enjoyed the stories about each of your horses so much, I hope you're new book will have stories about the other horses in your corral as well--I'm curious to read their stories, too! Carol 


Horse Lovers Bunkhouse - Relax, revive, rejuvenate and bond with a horse

Thank you Sherry Jarvis!

I had a wonderful time and learned so much! You have ridden with many  of the best horsemen in the world
and your knowledge shows that you are an excellent horsewomen. Anyone that is interested in riding with the  big name horsemen should consider riding with Sherry.
She has a  wonderful horse lovers bunkhouse and you will gain lots of knowledge  without having to pay the big prices.
You showed me how ground work can really improve my feel, timing and relationship with my hoses and carry over to riding. Of course I will be doing more groundwork with all my horses. I could really see how it  improved Skip! I am excited about all the new exercises I learned!"  Lynetta

Just a note to express my appreciation for your ability as an instructor.

 You were able to precisely target and explain what I was  doing incorrectly and offer a fix. Every minute under your tutelage was  meaningful and progressive at just the right place. Exactly what I  needed. Thank You PS: Rode and played with my horse this a.m. she remembered the games and  patterns!! Forgot bridle @ home - used hackmore. Wow! Got the collection using the technique you were using. IT WORKS! " Allison 

I just read your newsletter

 I just read your newsletter where you talk about being committed to the horse you have and I really appreciated that. I think I may have mentioned to you at the Expo that I walked out of a workshop that was about getting back into riding as an adult because she spent so much time talking about how to pick the right horse for the novice rider.
I have also been encouraged this week by an article a friend gave me entitled "Un-Training" and How to Prevent It from a publication called Heartland Horseman. I thought the article was going to tell me about the mistakes I'm making in the training I'm doing. Instead, it talked about how novice riders buy well trained horses and then spoil them because they don't know how to keep their training up. It helped me to see that in some ways I may be better off with the horse I have because I don't just expect him to be already and forever trained, so I'm learning more by trying to train him myself. Since I've already been dumped off of 2 better trained horses, I guess I'll take my chances as a novice with a green horse! Anyway, he's the one I have and he's also not for sale now or ever! Carol 

I really enjoyed the article you wrote

 I really enjoyed the article you wrote on confidence and it reminded me of something that I have been doing that fits into tip # 4, optimism and emotional fitness.
Lately when it comes to doing things like worming or things of that nature that I might expect Simeon to bulk at, I simply, take a deep breath count to 10 and say to myself..."think like a cowboy".
Thoughts of my uncle who trained cutting horses for a living or my other uncle who has the most foundationally sound horses that I know, come to mind... I think, uncle Arlen would not approach this horse, hand out...slowly scooting in for what the horse would percieve as the "kill" he would simply walk up to the horse, put the syringe in his mouth and the deal would be done.
It is easy then for me to visualize what needs to be done, how to do it...and before you know it, the horse is wormed...and nobodies heart rate went through the roof!
So I just wanted to give you that little progress report and thank you for your help on my journey through natural horsemanship!
God bless you and hope to see you soon! Nita 

Thanks so much!

 Thanks so much for your time and encouragement, you really do have a gift, and I KNOW God brought you into my life.
There is SO much wisdom in your newsletters..not just about horses. I can tell you simply have incredible insights about life.


As of last weekend. I could have been known as the "45 year old saddle virgin". As a young man I had what I thought was a bad experience during a trail ride. What I hear now as barn sour, caused the critter to decide she did not want a passenger and wanted to go home.
After that if I sat in a saddle, it had handlebars attached. As fate had it 12 years and 3 days ago I married the luv of my life, a horse lover! We worked hard and fell into an acreage. Now we have a horse and 2 ponies.

I watched and stayed out of the way while my wife put her all into learning the needed knowledge and training so she could be a good and respected horseman. Then she ran into Natural Horse Human philosophy. Seemed really different and somewhat intriguing to even an handlebar man.
Long story short. When she arranged for our 12th anniversary to be some natural training and trail riding my heart pounded, for more than one reason. But as it worked out, the preflight (ground training- I'm in the aviation field) caused time to stand still.
Your skill as a respected horseman and teacher is evident by the results my wife and I produced. I met some new friends in Dolly, Sunshine, and Q-ball. Became very proud of my wife and myself for navigating the trail rides. And I'm starting a new relationship with Major, my Wife's Arabian. Thankyou and your Husband for your hospitality. And your commitment to the horse world and connecting it to our human world relationships. Your one of kind and are bound to succeed at whatever you decide to do.........

 Thanks for your poems as they were a big hit. I've so enjoyed following your emails, clinic notes, accomplishments, and womens' retreats! Some day I hope to meet you in person as you are such an inspiration to me!

I enjoyed our time together.

 I enjoyed our time together IMMENSELY and your teaching reaches farther than you may think.. I am amazed at how when one is all caught up in the "busy-ness" of the modern world, one becomes quite out of touch with themselves. Even removed from their true passions in life.
The time with you and my horse put me back in touch with something valuable I lost years ago. I am now searching for ways to bring nature and quality contact with horses back in my life. The summer is not a big problem, I have two months available there. I am usually hauling Wyki all over the place for her showing. The rest of the year I work from just before sunup to after sundown, leaving me hardly any time for the things that really matter at home. I admire how you have successfully made your passion your work. Thank you for helping me to begin discovering the passions that were lost somewhere in this crazy world.

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Horse Lovers Bunkhouse - Relax, revive, rejuvenate and bond with a horse.

I love that we have formed a community

 I really love that we have formed a community of people who share so much - it really helps to not be alone in the journey. Also I feel these people support me and understand what I am going through and will not judge me which puts me so much more at ease. Who could ask for more? I certainly can't!!
In an atmosphere such as the one you have created for all of us, nothing but success and growth will occur! I can't thank you enough for this!
I really truly feel this is a lifetime journey so you are stuck with me until the end. I am excited about learning as much as I can about horses - they fascinate me and I feel that if I can learn as much as I can about them, maybe, just maybe, they will accept me, a human, into their life and give me the privilege of union with them.
When I look back I realize how far I have come, when I look forward I am excited to know how far I have yet to go and what amazing things I will witness and experience on my journey! I could not ask for a better teacher - I am so glad God has brought you into my and my horse's lives!!

I might have given up

 I might have given up on my little appy, and I may have given up on my dreams of barrel racing and on horses in general if I hadn't met Sherry. Sherry you have made me the young lady I am and you have made me the horse woman I am now. I now have a beautiful paint gelding living in a three acre pasture on our property. Six months ago I wouldn't have ever imagined that I'd be confident enough to handle him or even have him around. Now I have the most perfect opportunity to train this gelding to make him my perfect horse.
Thank you Sherry, Rucker and I are looking forward to spending more time with you. I've never been more proud of myself and my horses than I am right now, standing leaning on the fence petting my ponies and watching my gelding trotting around his pasture. Thank you so much Sherry!- Bailey Garretson 

Online horsemanship Course

 Testimony from Sharon MCGlynn about the On-Line Horsemanship Study Course:
If you haven't already joined the Sherry Jarvis on line study courses you still have time since it goes all through out the year. I highly recommend it!

For me, this has been a life saver over these last 3 winter months! I have not been able to work with or ride my horses and yet I wanted to continue my learning of good horsemanship and be ready for spring when I am reunited with my horses.Even without a horse to practice with at the moment I can visualize myself completing the assignments and instead of worrying about what I am physically doing, I can take time to actually think through the process and mentally tackle each of the concepts we are learning about.
The information that Sherry gives in her course work is very specific and she even provides videos to clarify. Students are encouraged to share videos as well and her feedback is prompt, encouraging and helpful! Watching the instructor and student videos also keeps me included in the process. The audio conferencing that we do weekly allows the students and instructor to connect in a very personal way. The discussions are invaluable! 


I have signed up for all 9 of the courses! I can't wait to get back to Nebraska, bring my horses home and practice all of the great things I am learning! I feel confident that I can follow Sherry's instructions to become much better at horsemanship! These courses have highly motivated me……can you tell?

I love Sherry's enthusiasm and love of horsemanship. She strives to improve herself so that she can help others. Her instruction for me has improved my confidence, appreciation for the horse and my skills are growing as well. I have always told her that I wished I could just take her home in my pocket!!!! Sharon

Apprenticeship Testimony

 Amy's testimony about her time with Sherry
"When I came here to intern with Sherry 6 weeks ago, I thought I knew something about riding and about horsemanship. I was humbled pretty quickly, and went through many ups and downs in my learning. Sometimes I was frustrated to the point of tears with a problem I could not solve. Other times I was elated with a success and felt that I could jump for joy.
Sherry puts all her effort into teaching, finding creative ways to show new concepts and spending as much time as it takes each day with no concern of the clock. She waits patiently for the student as well as the horse to understand her meaning without judgment or pressure.
I learned a lot about horsemanship and horses, not only how to get in time with the horse's feet and how to be a good leader but more importantly, I learned about myself. Sherry really showed me that good horsemanship comes from the soul - love, compassion, and leadership balanced equally. 

 She not only teaches these things but is an example of them herself. In the time I have been here, I feel that I have developed my skills as a horsewoman, become much more patient and humble, and feel that I have become stronger and more determined than ever.
I saw that the horse would and could do anything for me if I could only be what he needed me to be. I really learned to listen. I am grateful to have found a teacher like Sherry to give me the confidence and skills I needed to continue to follow my dreams of being an excellent horsewoman. Sherry has given me more than I could have ever asked for as a teacher, a person, and as a friend."   

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