Horseback Riding at Heart In Your Hand Horsemanship with Sherry Jarvis

Horseback Riding at Heart In Your Hand Horsemanship with Sherry Jarvis

Horseback Riding at Heart In Your Hand Horsemanship with Sherry Jarvis Horseback Riding at Heart In Your Hand Horsemanship with Sherry Jarvis Horseback Riding at Heart In Your Hand Horsemanship with Sherry Jarvis

Way more than riding lessons! 

Uncover the Joys of Riding!

3 Riders, 3 Horses, 3 Days

VALUE $774.55  48% OFF only $371.85   

2020 NE Trail Ride Expo Special Offer

Here are the details.
NE Trail Ride Expo Special 2XFUN Offer 

at Horse Lover's Bunkhouse
1 FREE 2 Hour Lesson (only 2 people)
1 FREE 2 hour Guided Trail Ride
When you stay 2 nights in July or August only.
You can add one friend to this offer.
Must reserve Dates with 

$100 Deposit by April 30, 2020.
Go to the schedule page to pick your dates in July/August... then call or text me at 308-730-2150, 

About us


Win Your Horse's Heart ( Be A Better Horseman) by Sherry Jarvis

is a "horse" book but really it is even more than that. It is about how to develop a greater relationship between you and your horse.

 This book focuses on the topics necessary to build a relationship of trust, respect, and love with your horse. A must-read for true horse lovers, 

Win Your Horse's Heart is your solution for winning a horse's heart in an unselfish way. 

 It is all about self-acceptance, making choices, problem solving, and allowing for compromise with effective communication, leadership, and confidence. 

 Through the horsemanship principles within the pages of the book, you will be better equipped

 to interact with horses from their point of view and create a stronger bond. 

 Make a difference in the lives of horses and horse lovers alike by ordering Sherry's book. 


First-Rate Services


  • Horseback Riding Camps at Horse Lover's Bunkhouse near Burwell, NE (both adult and kids)
  • Private Horseback Riding lessons
  • Horseback Riding Clinics (any location with Host organizer)​
  • Spirit Horse Retreats (Burwell, and other locations with host organizer)
  • Trail Riding  - Over 20,000 acres available
  • Fox Hunting(Spring and Fall)​
  • Horse Training/Tune Ups​
  • Apprentice Program
  • Demonstrations and Lectures for Clubs and Expos
  • Raindrop Technique on Horses 
  • Motivational and Inspirational Speaking 


All Reservations require a 50% Deposit
 A deposit is required to hold your reservation.

All deposits are non-refundable unless we have to cancel.

All deposits may be transferable to another date or event 

within the same calendar year to a similar event, 

upon our approval,  if you have a real emergency.

Advanced notice is required  within one week of the event and it must be a real emergency to qualify.
Waiting lists are available! 

Spirit Horse Retreats by Free will offering for instruction,  

only pay for the facilities and written materials. 


Bunkhouse Rates* Single person reserve the whole place $50/night * Double the fun (2 people) $80/night * Triple the fun (3 people) $115/night * Four people $125/night * Five or more people if you want to double up in beds $135/night

+10.5% lodging tax  

Outdoor or Indoor Stalls* $15/night/horse + tax 5.5%

More questions
Call: 308-346-5663 or 308-730-2150
Email: Sherry 

Mail Checks payable to:
Sherry Jarvis
Mail Checks to: 82507 465th Ave. Burwell, NE 68823


Our Mission

 Our mission is to present individualized programs designed to meet the needs of horse lovers so you become even better horsemen.  

To read more about Sherry and her vision CLICK HERE


A Deeper Bond with Your Horse
Just one of the benefits:

Who will benefit from our horsemanship instruction?
Anyone who loves horses, has a desire to learn about interacting with horses from the horses point of view 

with true feel. 

What are the benefits of our programs?
Understanding Leadership
Horseback Riding Skills

Our learning opportunities: designed to experience horses in a safe and fun learning environment with trail riding .'
The focus is always on developing more confidence, leadership and communication between the horse and rider resulting in a deeper bond with your horse.

 Dream of horseback riding with more freedom?
If you want to win your horse's heart. If you can't imagine life without a horse then you are a true horse lover and a perfect candidate for one of our camps. 


Our students say they find a new freedom with their horses,  overcome fears and feelings of inadequacy and discover the horseman hidden within under Sherry's guidance.

We are sure the experience will lead you to new discoveries about both yourself and your horse. 

The experience has the capacity to change lives and fulfill dreams if you are open to dynamic new insights and cutting edge teaching strategies.

We can't promise that every moment of the camp will be easy. There will be challenges where learners will be required to step out of their comfort zones in order to rise to new levels of  growth in their horsemanship journey.

However we can assure you that participation in one of these camps will deeply, and profoundly change you and the bond you have with horses forever.

The horseback riding lessons at camps are 3 to 5 days long and they are held at Sherry's place near Burwell, NE located in the beautiful sandhills of central Nebraska.

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