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Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship

Heart in Your Hand Horsemanship 82507 465th Ave Burwell, NE 68823 US

(308) 730-2150 cell


Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed


Blogs by Sherry

Natural Horsemanship Blog

Diaries of Camps and training horses


This blog is filled of life experiences, stories  of camps and horses trained... lessons learned.. The essence of horsemanship,. How Sherry learned to put her heart in her hand...  because feel is all your horse has to go on. Recovery stories of troubled horses. Poetry and much more. 

This is the first blog I wrote and it contains stories from way back 15 years ago when I was first doing camps and clinic.s. 

Stories and Tips from training

The Abundant Life Blog

Heart of Horses Blog

Fulfill Your Destiny

Faith, Prayer, Food, Fitness, Health, Natural Choices with Young Living, Business Tips, and Horse Training. Those are the things I will be sharing on this blog site. I have catagorized each topic so you can find the things that interests you the most.

This is my most recent blog. 

Heart of Horses Blog

Sandhills Horse Sense Blog

Living on te Edge



This blog was started to share the more spiritual side of working and playing with horses... and contains  the story "LIVING ON THE EDGE" about my best riding buddy and I riding mules down the Grand Canyon. Plus other tear jerking stories... Like "Saving Shiloh" 

Horses Teaching Us About God and Life